Take advantage of our Winter 2019 Discount and show your roof you care! For only £299.00 instead of our usual price of £399.00 you can get a general roof overhaul which includes minor roof repairs and…..

Up to 5 Mtrs of Pointing between Ridge Tiles, Valleys or Chimney Stack
Redress any Lead or Flashing that is loose
Reset and Secure all Slipped Slates or Tiles
Replace any Broken Tiles or Slates (If you Have Spares)
Get Before and After Pictures of all work Completed
We Even Clean your Gutters Out!

If you’re not sure of the state of your roof or you haven’t had anyone take a look in a long while(which is normal!) let us give your roof some love. With a general roof overhaul, we can identify and rectify minor problems before they become major issues. Be Proactive, Not Reactive with potential Roof Repairs that may need completing.

Below are some examples of the type of before and after pictures our Roofers supply to you after all works are complete.

Roof Maintenance by Roofer and Builder Liverpool - Roofers Liverpool
Ridge Tiles Repointed - General Roof Overhaul

Our experienced local roofers are all uniformed for your peace of mind. Good for you to know who is working for you. We always take before and after pics of all work completed. This is so that you have a full understanding of the works that have taken place.

If the work that is required is more than that which is covered in our offer, you will pay nothing and we will give you a free no-obligation quotation for any further works that are needed.

We provide quality breathable roofing felts and all materials used come with a minimum 10 year parts guarantee.

Get in Touch to book your winter Roof Overhaul

Contact us NOW to get booked in and to give your roof some love. You can call 0151 739 0669 or email us on info@rooferandbuilder.co.uk or call our emergency roofer available 24/7 on 07748 648 684.

Below are some more examples of before and after pictures as supplied by our roofers. These pics are of a really badly mortared edge between neighbouring properties in Crosby, Liverpool. We cleaned out all of the mortar between the join and added a flashing as a temporary fix.

Bonding Gutter Bad examples
Bonding Gutter | Cleared out Mortar and replaced with Flashing