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Chimney stack replacement or repair is an important job! The chimney stack is normally the highest point on your house and is the focal point to removing heat and exhaust fumes from your fire. With the heat and gases, it contains, combined with the external punishment that weathering brings, it’s one of the most common items to fail and can cause a lot of damage. 

Failure of your stack can be avoided with the correct maintenance procedures. However, they can be very difficult to inspect due to their height and location. This is why people don’t often realise they have an issue until it’s fallen and damaged something, usually your car.

Chimney stack replacement can be a complex and time-consuming project. Not only will it involve some roof work, but there is also bricklaying and ensuring the internal parts of your are intact and in working order. However, the first and most important to do is to ensure the roof is watertight. Any rain that gets in when its failed, can cause further damage to your roof and other internal parts of your property. 

If you have a failed chimney, that’s fallen or looks damaged then the best thing to do is give us a call. Our team will come out and assess the damage, advise you of the best course of action. Roofer and Builder are also happy to provide a free quote for repair. Pick up the phone today to book a chimney specialist for your property.

Understanding Your Chimney Stack

Your chimney comes in a few parts and these differ depending on the heating system for your home. Here are some of the parts of your system that can fail.

Chimney Stack: This is the main part you can see. This is the brickwork or rendered section usually in a rectangle or square. A sign of imminent problems is often brick damage or heavy leaning. If it looks like the leaning tower of Pisa, then it could fall at any moment. These fail due to weathering, rain, ice, wind etc.. causing the mortar to disintegrate which leads to bricks falling. 

Flaunching: This is the concrete seal around the top of the chimney. Usually, you’ll have your pots on top of it, but that’s not always the case. Cracked flaunching is caused by heat from your fire or weathering. When it’s cracked, this can become loose enough to fall and cause damage. There is also the potential to let further rainwater into your home causing further damage.

Chimney Pots: These are the exhaust pots for your gasses or fumes from your fire. In the modern world, you may have caps on the top or other items that stop water from getting in. However, cracked flaunching or a failing mortar can cause these pots to lean or even fall off.

Internal Flue: This is the internal workings that come from your fire. They run inside your chimney breast up to the chimney pots. Although it’s not for a roofer to fix, these can still fail. If your chimney is not swept the heat and fumes degrade the flue. This then causes the fumes to build up in your home and can make you ill. 

Chimney Stack Repair in Liverpool

Before your chimney fails, it can be repaired. If you spot the issue early enough, a roofer can repair your chimney. Our team is highly experienced at pointing (this is replacing the mortar between the bricks), re-flaunching, brick replacement, cleaning, and any other issues you may have. Simply drop us a message or a phone call before the problems get worse and you need a chimney stack replacement. 

If you believe you’re chimney has an issue but you cannot see it, then still give us a call. We have a partnership with a local drone company. These drones can take up-close pictures of your chimney and roof from all angles and give us enough information to see what may or may not be wrong with your chimney.

Maintenance Before Problems Occur

We’ve mentioned above, apart from repairing your chimney and replacing it when it fails, you can reduce the risk of needing this expensive work with simple maintenance. Although some of the repair items such as pointing are considered good maintenance, there are other items you can do. Chimney sweeping is one of the important items to keep the internals working as they should, however, we don’t do that. 

Items that can be dealt with on maintenance can include

Flaunching: Cracked flaunching can easily be repaired and stop any further issues.

Moss Build Up: The build-up of moss and other vegetation on the roof can cause damage and lead to failure, having this cleaned is considered good practice.

Pointing: A correctly pointed chimney has no gaps and allows for no movement or rainwater to enter. This is an important maintenance item that can dramatically improve the life of your roof. 

If you have a failure of your chimney and you are looking to claim on your insurance, it’s extremely important to note that the insurers will be looking for ways out. For instance, if you haven’t maintained your chimney properly, then the insurance company can decline your claim. This will leave the bill with you. So consider your maintenance as a very important part of your house that you should never ignore.

Contact us now to have us maintain your chimney to the highest standards in roofing.

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