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Gutter Replacement

As most gutters are made of plastic, gutter replacement is a common occurrence. However, also being made of plastic, the gutter replacement is also a lot cheaper. While there are still cast iron setups still in place, they’re not as common as plastic.

We have replaced miles and miles of gutters across Liverpool. With over 20 years of experience, you’re in very safe hands. Get yourself booked in for a free quote. Don’t let the water do any more damage to your property than necessary.

Leaking Gutter Repairs in Liverpool

Do you need gutter repairs? Leaking and broken gutters can damage your property! Gutters are at the edge of your roof and it’s their job to catch the rainwater. This then moves along the gutter and down the pipe away to the street or drains below. When the gutters aren’t in top condition, they leak! Leaking gutters can cause a myriad of damage to your property so it’s important to get your leaking gutter repaired straight away.

Here at Roofer & Builder, we repair leaking gutters across Liverpool, or if that’s not possible we can supply and fit new ones too. Don’t let the water do further damage to your property, take action straight away! Call us now!

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    Why Do They Fail?

    There are many reasons that they fail. Sometimes age is an aspect, other times there are other external forces at play. Items such as roof tiles can slip, they strike your gutter parts on the way down and cause breakage. Blocked gutters also become a potential cause of failure. Leaves, twigs and any other items cause water to build up and extra weight they were not designed to carry. 

    In short, there are many, many reasons for failure. However, 90% of these can be stopped with the correct maintenance. Cleaning, and ensuring your roof is in good condition can extend the life of your gutters and save you a lot of money in the long run. 

    If I Don’t Get My Gutter Replacement or Repair What Damage Can Be Done?

    Gutter replacement or repairs are vital as gutters are pivotal in directing water away from the property. The main aim is for the water to run down your pipes and into the drain. When this doesn’t happen, the water can and will go absolutely anywhere. The main place it starts is onto your bay windows. Although it’s safe to drink, water is one of the most destructive liquids on the planet. Enough of it can cause catastrophic damage to your house. When the rain just freely flows onto your bay windows or other brickwork, it will cause degradation. It will find a way in and start to cause even more damage. 

    The same is said, depending on the reason for failure. Blocked gutters often cause the water to back up and flow under your roof tiles. This will put water into the cavity of your walls or in the roof space itself. The damage can almost be unmeasurable if it’s left untreated. 

    So if you’re having an issue with leaking or broken gutters then call us today. One of our experts will provide you with a free quote to put your system back in good working order.

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