How Long Can I Leave a Leaking Roof?

Broken Roof Tiles
August 4, 2022

How long can you leave a leaking roof? This is something a lot of our customers come to us with when it comes to handling an emergency roof repair situation. The question does depend a little bit on the leak itself and the overall cause. With the cost of living rising quicker than anyone could ever imagine, it’s easy to see why households in the UK are looking to save where possible on maintenance and repairs at home.

Should You Leave a Leaking Roof?

Our recommendation is no! You should absolutely not leave a leaking roof. A leaking roof is an emergency, however, we understand that the cost of living will make homeowners change their decisions.

Here is why you should not leave it. The roof of your house is the only cover it has from the elements. Rainwater, pests, birds, and other problems can enter your house if there are issues up there. Anything that gets in can cause serious building structure problems as well as damage your own goods.

Is There Anything I Can Leave?

We don’t want to recommend you leave anything, however, there are some “less urgent” situations. We’ve been in attendance of certain jobs where there is a cracked roof tile, however, the sheet below is doing it’s job. This sheet carries the water away from the roof and out. We’ve also seen jobs where tiles may have slipped, are solid and unlikely to move. These slipped tiles, still disperse water and not allow it inside. This is another situation where you may be able to save a little bit to have the job completed properly.

What we will say about jobs that may be able to be left is this. As an emergency roofer, we can supply emergency repairs at a fraction of the cost of complete jobs. These are only temporary measures, however, they may just save the structure of your home.

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