How to Handle an Emergency Roof Repair Situation

Emergency Roof Repair Situation
July 15, 2022

Emergency roof repair situations can be a very stressful time. Maybe your roof has a hole in it, a tile has slipped, something drastic has happened or you have a lot of water now in your house. Either way, you know you need an emergency roof repair and you need to know how to handle it. If you don’t handle an emergency situation properly, it’s likely to cost you a lot more money!

Here are a few steps to help protect you and your property during an emergency.

Number 1 – Stay Calm!

The best thing to do in a roof emergency is to keep your cool. If you panic, you’ll do yourself some damage as well as potentially making the situation worse for a roofer to fix. As a homeowner, you’ll see potential roof emergencies as something far worse than a roofer might. Stay calm and manage the situation to protect you and your home.

Number 2 – Protect Anything You Can

So your emergency situation has likely happened during a storm or a massive falling of rain. There will be massive holes or water running into your property, it’s important to protect is as best as possible. If you can reach the holes, i.e on a garage roof or somewhere else accessible, then try to cover the gaps with waterproof material. Plastic wrapping is a good choice. If you can’t then buckets and other items you can use to catch the water will be extremely useful. You need to contain the water, not allow it to travel further. The further it travels the more damage it can cause to your property and you could possibly need to employ a builder not just a roofer.

Number 3 – Contact a Roofer

So you’ve covered and protected your assets as best you can, there is nothing else you can do! Don’t stress yourself about it, you’ve done your best. This is where the professional comes in! It’s time to call an emergency roofer and ask them to come out. We cover the whole of Liverpool, everything from roofers in Anfield to Aintree Roofers, we have you covered.

If this is during a storm, we may be too busy to attend straight away bare that in mind! Or it may be too dangerous to get up there straight away with a fix.

Number 4 – What Can a Roofer Do For You?

Well, the first thing a roofer will look to do is make the roof watertight. This means ensuring that the water no longer enters your property. This may be using professional-grade plastic coverings, flashing tape or anything else that keeps the water out. A roofer will also look for any other damage caused that you may not have spotted. You don’t want to just patch what you can see, it’s important that your property remains watertight.

Once all the issues have been identified you can book in with them so that your emergency roof repair situation can be put to bed. They will have already given you a final quote and a date when they can finalise all the repairs. Even if your roof appears in good order after an emergency fix, it’s important to do the last steps as your roof may leak again and you don’t want that!

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