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Insulation is the material that protects you and your family from the outside elements. Keeping heat in during the colder months, and heat out during the hotter months. Ensuring your house is correctly insulated can save you a lot of money on heating and energy costs.

Here at Roofer & Builder, we are experts at providing any insulation that is fitted in your roof. We cover all loft and roof insulation. We are experienced at providing you and your home the protection it needs from external elements.

Different Types of Insulation

There are many different types of insulation that you can have fitted to your home. It’s vital to ensure you have an experienced installer to guide and provide the best protection you can get. As the quality of your insulation directly correlates to your heating and energy bills, mistakes made can cost you a lot of money. In today’s world every penny counts. However, it’s not just about the money, correct fitting also ensures that you are helping to protect the environment.

Roof and loft insulation are the most common type of insulation fitted across the UK. As we all know, heat rises, this means the energy you use, heating your home, can and will escape through the top of your home if not insulated correctly.

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    What is Roof Insulation

    Roof insulation is fitted to the inside of your roof lining.  It’s insulated panels that are fixed in place. There are several materials that can be used for this type of insulation. The most common type uses wool insulation to act as a barrier reducing heat loss through your roof, helping reduce your carbon footprint. Roof insulation can be installed in both pitched roofs and flat roofs by our experienced installers.

    What is Loft Insulation

    Loft insulation is different from roof insulation. With loft insulation, the insulation material is fitted either directly to the floor, or if you are having a loft conversion, fitted below the floorboards, ensuring your conversion is kept warm by increasing your thermal insulation (reduction in heat loss). This can also have a beneficial impact on rooms below which may be susceptible to mould or damp. Like roof insulation, this can be achieved with wool or fiberglass.

    Benefits of Roof Insulation

    Whether you have a pitched roof or a flat roof, there are a number of benefits to having insulation installed within your roof or loft. I’m sure in the winter when we have a snowfall, you’ve seen homes that have absolutely zero snow on them while their neighbor has plenty. The houses with no snow are poorly insulated as the heat escapes through the roof and melts the snow.

    Properly insulating your roof will benefit you by reducing your utility bills, as well as benefiting the environment as your energy consumption will be reduced. The cost of ensuring your home is properly insulated is low in comparison to other methods of reducing your carbon footprint, or heating your home efficiently. If you would like to move towards a green way of living, a great place to start is by improving your home’s insulation, so give us a call today.

    Get a Quote For Your Roof & Loft Insulation Today