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Internal Refurbishment

Whether you want a new kitchen or bathroom, bi-folding doors installed to bring the garden inside, walls removing to make your space more open plan, we will be able to help. You can use our experience to get the home that you desire and deserve. Make your house a place of serenity and peace by improving the usability of the space. If you want to remove an internal wall, you don’t usually need permission from the local council, unless your building is listed. However, you may need a structural engineer if the wall is load-bearing, and you may have to involve the local building inspector.

Refurbishment is a great way to have your house updated every few years. Sometimes, it may be on a small scale by covering one particular room of the house on a minimal level; other times, though, it could be that a full revamp of the internal and external appearance of the house is what the client requires.

It could be that the client is simply tired of the appearance of a room, or maybe the current doors, windows etc. simply need to be replaced because the existing appliances are no longer capable of fulfilling their core tasks, or perhaps a new homeowner has moved in and is happy with the house itself, but wishes to make changes from an aesthetic standpoint. Whatever the case is, we here at Roofer and Builder will work with you to provide full internal refurbishment of anything and everything that the client requires.

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    Internal refurbishment from Roofer & Builder

    What Internal Refurbishment Can We Cover?

    Internal refurbishment covers almost anything that can be done inside of your home. If there is something you’d like a builder to help with, we guarantee that we offer it. Just give us a call and one of our team will get someone booked for you to come and figure out exactly what work you’re looking to have completed.

    As a guide, here are just some of the items that we can cover with our internal building works.

    Adding or Extending a Kitchen: We have kitchen designers on board who can come out, advise and provide technical drawings relating to the kitchen design you like. We can also advise you on styles and give you some ideas relating to what the client requires.

    Fitting an Extra Bathroom: Like a kitchen, a bathroom is one of the main rooms in a property. During a site visit, we can provide ideas to renovate your existing bathroom or add another bathroom en suite, or just an additional toilet with a hand basin.

    Adding a Bedroom: Depending on your property in some cases an extra bedroom can be added, if this isn’t possible you can always add an extra bedroom including en suite to your loft area.

    Bi-folding Door Installation: Bi-fold doors come in different styles and materials. This includes aluminium, white plastic, brown plastic, and grey plastic, and in almost any colour to match your home so that you can bring the outside indoors.

    Patios: We do a variety of patios using different designs

    Roof Lights: Roof lights are a great way to lighten up a room proving natural light to your home. Velux or an alternative brand is usually installed on a pitched roof area. If you have a flat roof area, instead of skylights, you can have a lantern style roof window fitted. This provides more natural light than your average skylight and is a more modern contemporary way of bringing natural light into your home.

    Velux: Velux skylights are usually installed in pitched roof areas and can add a little or lot of light depending on size and number of skylights installed. To ensure you’re getting the best quality work when having velux skylights installed, we are also a Certified Velux Installer.

    Get a Free Quote from a Fully Qualified Builder