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Lead Roof Works

Lead forms an important part of roof work. A lot of roofs across the UK use this heavy metal to seal important areas such as joins between properties or chimney stacks. There are many reasons to need lead roof works, however, it generally means you’ve got a roof that is no longer watertight.

Lead often goes missing, falls off or gets stolen. Lead does not degrade in the environment so it’s very unlikely that the lead is worn. 

However, if you’ve got lead missing from your roof and could benefit from some lead roof works, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Simply hit the email us button found anywhere on this website and our team will provide you with details on how to get a quote.

Lead Flashing Repair

So, lead is used as flashing on many roofs in the UK. It’s used to seal joints around doors, chimneys, windows, and more. Lead flashing has been used for probably, centuries as a sealant. Being a heavy metal, it’s perfect for the job. When in its place it prevents rainwater entry. Not only that, lead provides protection from mould, mildew, and rot!

Although, lead itself will last for 100 or more years, it doesn’t mean a repair or replacement isn’t needed now and again. The main reason we may see lead needing repair right now is due to life expectancy. With 100 years being the expectancy, the majority of UK houses were built in the early 1900s. This means they will all be approaching their renewal age. However, other reasons may mean your lead fails. Such as, incorrect installation, storm damage or other external damage such as chimneys falling.

Lead Welding

Lead a metal, therefore it may need welding if it is to join other parts of lead. This helps keep your replacement and repair job costs down. Being able to weld in between missing pieces means we use less lead. With the cost of living spiraling at the moment, no one needs to pay more for repair than is needed. 

We are a lead expert. So if you require any kind of lead flashing repair, replacement or welding then we are the team for you. Contact us today for a free quote.

What is Lead?

Lead is a heavy metal widely used in car batteries, ammunition, weights, cable sheathing, pipes, and flashing on older chimneys or roofs. Lead is bad for humans as it interferes with different enzymes in our bodies. As a result of this, it damages the brain cells and generates pain in the muscles and joints.

If you have lead gutters, pipes, or flashing on your roof, it is highly recommended to get a replacement. Suitable alternatives can be UPVC for pipes & gutters, Ubbink, Icopal, Deks, and Cromar for flashing replacement.

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