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Loft Conversions

Don’t move, improve! This is one of the main reasons that people seek out more usable space in the loft area. If you love living in your Liverpool house but you just need more space, sometimes a loft conversion can be your only option, but what an option it is. Loft rooms can be designed and structured to give you an extra bedroom with an ensuite, a children’s playroom or even a massive walk-in wardrobe. Whatever you desire we can help you to achieve.

As long as the correct permissions are sought, a loft conversion will add many thousands onto your property’s value, usually far outweighing your investment.

Benefits of Having a Loft Conversion in Liverpool

Having a loft conversion in Liverpool has many benefits. We could list every single one here; however, if you’re looking to have a conversion completed, then you probably already know what you would like. Most people come to Roofer and Builder for installing an extra bedroom, bathroom, storage space or just improving the overall value of their home.

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    Items You’ll Need For Your Loft Conversion

    Staircase: A staircase is crucial to a loft conversion because it acts as your pathway into the room, but it also has to be designed safely and in line with the circumstances of the homeowner (for instance, a spiral staircase may not be ideal for older people). Ideally, a staircase should also visually match up with the loft itself, allowing for consistency as opposed to the staircase seeming like an anomaly aesthetically.

    Floor support/Strengthening: Floor support and strengthening is absolutely crucial for a loft conversion. This can take up many forms, but it is something that has to be considered before a project goes ahead. It is recommended for the client to determine in advance whether they need full floor support installing, or if they simply need extra strengthening to their existing loft flooring.

    Joist Depth: Joist depth should be seriously considered because the depth of the joists need to be sufficiently large to make the loft strong enough to walk upon, but also not so thick that this has a detrimental impact on the ceilings of the rooms below. This will link into floor support, because when identifying how the flooring currently appears, this should dictate what the required depth of the joists will be.

    Dormer: A Dormer loft conversion is where a box structure attaches to the roof at a 90-degree angle. This is an option well worth thinking about if you feel that you will need additional room that a traditional loft conversion could not provide, or if you simply want to modify the appearance of your roof by having that extra space with a window looking out.

    Pitched Roof: If your home has a pitched roof, whereby the roof is sloping downwards, this could compromise the amount of space for your loft conversion depending on what you are looking to do. This is something to consider during the design phase, so that any potential issues caused by a pitched roof can be discussed and resolved prior to installation.

    Fire Proofing: Fire proofing is extremely important to keep you and your family safe once the loft conversion has been completed. Depending on how you wish to use the modified loft, it is absolutely vital that you take the appropriate measures to make the area fire-proof. We can advise on this during the initial consultation.

    Insulation: Insulation prevents heat and sound being transmitted between the loft and other rooms. This is important as a way to keep the loft as a standalone room upon the completion of the conversion, and it also means that the loft will not be impacted if other rooms are particularly warm or loud.

    Windows: The addition of windows (we use velux windows) for the converted loft is something to think about depending on how big you want the loft to be. This provides additional lighting within the loft, which helps when using it for storage, and it also saves on the use of light bulbs if you rely on the sunlight shining through.

    Planning Regulations

    There are a number of other considerations when planning to have a loft conversion in Liverpool. Here are a couple of items to seriously consider

    Council Regulations:
    You need to conduct sufficient research on what the local city council in your area state with regards to loft regulations, because it can create a lot of problems if you were to only find out after the project is completed that your new loft contradicts any local laws.

    Building Regulations: Likewise, you need to research what rules are in place specifically for the kind of building that you live in, as well as whether your landlord might have any regulations pertaining to what is and is not allowed when it comes to the construction and/or conversion of your loft.

    We appreciate that’s an awful lot of information for you to consider. That’s why you draft in professionals such as Roofer & Builder Liverpool to help you get the job done. Our team will help you take care of absolutely everything. We take your idea of a new space from a dream and turn it into a reality.

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