Emergency Roof Repairs Anywhere in Merseyside

Roof Leak Repair

One of the core services that we provide here at Roofer and Builder concerns roof leak repair. Leaking roofs can be a significant issue for any homeowners, not least because of the knock-on effect that any rain or water seeping through the tiles can have on the ceilings of the rooms situated within the house, as well as to the floorboards within the same rooms, thus potentially causing leaks to go from upstairs to downstairs too. Roof leaks are oftentimes noticeable only when they escalate into a larger hole, meaning that by the time they are fixed, the situation has turned into a large problem to deal with.

Roof leaks are also particularly stressful for homeowners during times of torrential rain, as well as during the winter season. Bear in mind that if holes exist within the roofs that are allowing rain to drip down into the house, this also creates a gap for frosty temperatures as well, thus making the whole home colder as a result.

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    Emergency Roof Repairs Anywhere in Merseyside

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    Causes Of Roof Leak

    There are many reasons why roof leaks can occur, and by recognising the causes, it becomes easier to spot them before they become larger setbacks. It could be that the roof is leaking due to tiles that have slipped or become dislodged, the cement having worn away on ridge tiles, or such factors as chimney stacks and slipped or cracked flashings. Broken shingles are another common cause of roof leaks, as well as valleys not being properly sealed. For flat roofs, leaking seals and vents or a punctured felt membrane could be the problem, as well as unsighted cracks in any older felt membranes. Or it simply could be a case that strong winds and/or heavy rain has worn down the roof slowly over time, thus meaning that eventually cracks have started to appear whereby water is starting to come in at an alarming rate. It is important to identify what the cause of a roof leak may be, but even if a client is not sure how it happened, it is even more important to get the roof leak fixed as soon as possible.

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    Our Role In Repairing

    Roofer and Builder are here to help with any and all roof leaks, whether they are large or small. Our team can come out at any time to fix them, and by that, we mean that we can come out 24/7 to assist with any emergency roof leak situations. Our collective experience and skill-sets will ensure that all roof leaks are fixed in next to no time, and are done so effectively to ensure that the problem does not arise again. When we come out to our home to fix any leaking roofs, we will also be able to identify what the initial cause of the situation was in the first place. No matter how it came to be that the roof has begun leaking, we can recognise it, and as a result, we can offer guidance to give you an idea of what preventative measures you could put in place to circumvent any similar problems reoccurring in the months or years to come (such as potentially having the tiles on your roof re-laid).

    The Impact Of A Repair

    Not only does it make a major difference from a physical standpoint to fix any leaking roofs, but it also has a psychological boost for the homeowner, because the stress that comes from worrying about how much rain is coming through the tiles, the potential for any flooding of the house in the event of a storm while the home has a roof leak, and also trying to work around the situation in order to do simple household tasks while the problem still exists will all be taken away. Indeed, once the issue has been fixed and the matter is completely resolved, homeowners will be able to relax, safe in the knowledge that they no longer have to be concerned about their previously-leaking roof and its subsequent impact on the wider areas of the house.

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    If your home has a leaking roof that needs to be repaired, or if you would like to find out further information about how you can take steps towards ensuring that your house does not have a roof leak in the future, you can get in touch with our team here at Roofer and Builder. You can contact us today either by telephoning 0151 739 0669 or by emailing info@rooferandbuilder.co.uk.

    Emergency Roof Repairs Anywhere in Merseyside