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Slate Roof Repair & Installation

Slate is one of the longest-lasting options available when it comes to the material used on a roof, lasting decades if not more than a century if looked after sufficiently by the homeowner. A slate roof has proven to be extremely popular with clients, hence why so many houses sport a slate roof in a variety of designs, material modifications (such as thin concrete) and colours. Once the slate roof has been applied, though, there may come a time when it needs to be checked upon, which could range from minor tweaks to complete redesigns.

Slate Roof Repair

Here at Roofer and Builder, we offer multiple services for slate roofs. The first of these is slate roof repair, and for this, our team will come out to a homeowner to fix any damaged slate roof. To get started, simply fill in the form on the right or pick up the phone. Our team will help you out with a quote as soon as possible.


It could be, though, that the roof needs a bit more work. If the slates have been on the house for a long time it needs a little bit more examination. If it is showing stronger signs of damage, then a restoration could be the answer. Restoration is our second most popular service on a slate roof. The intention here is to rebuild the roof somewhat so that it once again resembles how it used to look. Our roofers will be applying tiles that match the design of how it originally looked, giving the roof as a whole a full clean and maybe even a repaint, and fixing any smaller issues that may arise with the roof along the way.

Our most recommended service for those whose roofs are in need of more than just a touch-up, but who do not necessarily want to have their entire roof re-laid. Restoration serves as a compromise, effectively working as a significant update on the roof as opposed to a total change.

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    Re-roof/Slate Roof Installation

    This brings us to the third and final option that we provide when it comes to a slate roof. That is a replacement roof. This is when the roof is damaged to the point that major renovation is required. Or perhaps it might come down to the homeowner wishing to redesign their house entirely, with the roof forming part of that plan. Our re-roofing services come in two ways: full and part. In the case of full, this is where the entire roof will be re-laid, which means new tiles, new cement, new paint and an increased amount of time to apply it perfectly, while also working around the likes of the chimney and any television aerials.

    The alternative is to this in part, which means focusing on maybe a third or even a half of the roof. This will be more cost-effective if there is a situation where the whole roof doesn’t necessarily need to be redone, and it means that the homeowner has the option to revisit and have the rest of the roof re-laid at a later date. This also helps in the event that the homeowner is unable to leave their house or stay away from certain rooms for a prolonged period of time, which would be required for any full re-roofing jobs.

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    If you feel that it is time to have the slate roof on your home checked out by qualified roofers, whether it be for repair, restoration or either a full or partial re-reroofing, you can get in touch with our team here at Roofer and Builder today, and we can quickly make plans to work on the slate roof of your house. You can contact us either by calling 0151 739 0669 or by emailing

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