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Here at Roofer and Builder we love using the latest technology to benefit our customers, that’s why we use drones for thermal building surveys.

Using drones with thermal cameras can identify areas of heat loss, water ingress, thermal bridging and missing or degrading insulation. All this from a non-invasive inspection.

By utilising drones, roof inspections require no scaffolding, abseilers, or cherry pickers, so can be carried out relatively safely, quickly, and pain-free. Get pictures from angles you never thought possible before drones.

FLIR Cameras

FLIR or forward-looking infrared cameras that detect infrared energy and display as a thermal picture. FLIR cameras can see equally well in the day or night as they do not require daylight to function normally.

Flat Roof Inspection

If you are having flat roofing issues, a thermal inspection can identify if you have water trapped underneath the exposed layer. Over time, seams can lift, and water can find its way underneath the outer layer of your flat roof. This will cause the degradation of your roofing materials and your roofs ability to do its job effectively. Trapped water can be identified with a thermal inspection.

Benefits of a Thermal Survey using Drones

The major benefit of using drones with FLIR cameras installed allows you to identify areas of concern without any non-invasive works taking place. You may think that you have wall or loft insulation installed, but over time this can degrade. With a drone FLIR inspection, you can be sure that any thermal anomalies will be highlighted before any invasive works begin.

If you want a thermal survey to a commercial building, we can ensure that your business suffers no downtime because of our inspection.

If our survey identifies any thermal anomalies, these can be fixed which will then reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy costs, keep you hotter in the winter and cooler in the summer.


Using photogrammetry software allows us to build up highly accurate imagery that we can take measurement data out of. This allows our thermal images to be pinpointed to exact areas on buildings were thermal anomalies may be taking place.

Domestic Thermal Inspection Report

If you would like a thermal building inspection in Liverpool, Merseyside, we can get you booked in with our qualified partner thermographers so we can highlight any areas of insulation concern. All drone pilots used are fully trained and insured for your peace of mind.

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