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Tile Roof Repairs & Replacement

Tile roof is one of the more requested services that we provide here at Roofer and Builder. It is somewhat self-explanatory as it involves applying tile roofing to a home, with the tiles themselves generally coming in the form of a sturdy material such as moulded concrete, or for older homes, clay or terracotta. Our tile roof services take up numerous forms, with the first being the simple application of a tile roof on a new house. This is ideal for anyone who is moving into a home for the first time, not just because their tile roof will look brand new, fresh and shiny, but because their roof will have the potential for an extremely long lifespan.

Those who look after their tile roofs to a high standard could see them last for up to 100 years, if not longer. This means that the tile roof can prove to be multi-generational, serving the homeowners, their children and their grandchildren for the long run.

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    Roof Tile Repair

    The remaining options come for those who have already had tile roofs on their house, perhaps for a good while, but are in need of having them receive some work from our experienced and well-skilled team. Amongst those is for repair, which again is somewhat straight-forward as it involves us coming to the home, identifying which tiles are damaged in any way regardless of the reasons why, and to remove them and repair the roof with new tiles. This is a streamlined job that focuses particularly on the most problematic tiles, those which may be impacting the visual look of the home, or which may be more susceptible to strong winds or heavy rain, meaning that the long-term damage could seep into the house itself, thus requiring an even bigger repair job further down the line. By going for a simple repair, a small number of tiles will be focused upon, and the outcome is a problem solved in a cost-effective and proactive manner.

    Roof Tile Restoration

    Should the tile roof already be at a stage where the issue lies with more than just a few of the tiles, however, then restoration is the way to go. This means that our team would work on relaying a larger percentage of the tiles on the roof so that it looks very similar to, if not even more impressive than, how the tile roof looked when it was first applied, or at least how it looked when the current homeowners first moved in. This helps to increase the lifespan of the tile roof for another few years or even a few decades, as well as making the house look refreshed. This is a job that may suit those who have previously bought a home with a tile roof, and have then purchased a new house where they would feel better by having the tile roof of their latest abode worked upon, thus providing that extra feeling of newness, along with a reminder of where they used to reside and what they used to be most comfortable with.


    Get a Quote to Repair Your Tiled Roof Today

    Re-roof/Roof Installation

    However, it could be that the tile roof is at the end of its lifespan, or that more significant work is needed than even a restoration project. This is where we would suggest a re-roofing of tile roof, which allows us to essentially apply a brand new tile roof to the home in place of the original roof. This can be done partially, which means that we focus on a fairly large percentage but not the roof in its entirety and work on applying a spread of brand new tiles, or it can be done in full, which means that we would tackle the roof as a whole, allowing us to design it all from scratch with the outcome being a totally new, sturdy and sparkling tile roof for the house. There are obviously factors such as time and money to be considered when determining which of the re-roofing options is the way to go, but either way, this is the largest task that we provide outside of us building a totally new tile roof for a totally new complex.

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