Window Lantern Fitting

Window lanterns, also known as roof lanterns, are one of the more eye-catching and unique window products that homeowners look for. They are very similar to standard roof windows in that they are fitted within the ceiling of the top floor of a house (or, in the case of a ground floor extension, within the ceiling of the rooms situated within there), but unlike roof windows, window lanterns consist of multiple glass window panes which then converge at the centre, creating a dipping effect that allows light to shine in from the outside at 360 degrees. This opens up more opportunity for sunlight than traditional roof windows, and there can also be added design elements to make the window lanterns stand out, such as their shape, the exact angles at which the panes meet centrally, and also the colour of the surrounding frames.

Given their stand-out appearance and the innovative approach taken to their design, it’s no surprise that so many homeowners are investing in these window lanterns, as opposed to relying solely on the light shining through old-school window panes on the walls of a room. It also adds brightness and warmth to a room, especially during the warmer months; indeed, any rooms containing window lanterns will be automatically heated on a hot day due to the sunlight beaming through from above the complex. Even on a day with more moderate temperatures, though, window lanterns will still brighten up a room, allowing anybody sitting inside to feel calm and relaxed due to their energy levels being elevated by the sunlight.

Here at Roofer and Builder, we make sure that homeowners get exactly what they’re looking for within their house, and window lanterns are amongst the options that we provide. Not only are they more cost-effective than a normal roofed ceiling to the corresponding parts of the home, but they also save a lot of money when it comes to the energy that would normally be used from light bulbs and radiators, because when the sun is at it hottest, a room with window lanterns covers both light and warmth. In addition, they are also environmentally-friendly, meaning that any homeowners who are utilising window lanterns are doing their bit for the surrounding areas by relying on solar power for the appropriate rooms in their houses. And from a visual standpoint, window lanterns are a real head-turner, and something that catches the attention of visitors, meaning that the homeowner will feel a sense of pride and prestige that they might not normally experience if they had gone with normal roofed ceilings and windows for the exact same rooms.

Now is as good a time as ever to consider your options when it comes to window lanterns. As we have outlined, they look great and their advantages are numerous, and with the summer just hitting us now, any clients whose houses feature window lanterns will be able to receive the full benefits. The house will never look brighter and never feel so naturally warm, allowing any customers to feel like they are outside the house sunbathing when in fact they are still in their favourite room!

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